Our Sunday services have a casual atmosphere:
Come as you are.
The Bible is God’s love letter to us.
God says that His word is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…” and is
a “discerner of the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”
Therefore, we place an emphasis on verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter teaching of the Bible:
Join us and Leave changed.
Here is what you can expect during our Sunday Service:
Order of Sunday Service | 10:00am
– Family Worship
– Announcements & Offering
– Children (Birth – 5th grade) dismissed to Nursery & Children’s Service
– Teaching
– Communion (1 Sunday every month)
– Closing Worship Song
A time of corporate praise and worship that includes all family members occurs during our services.
We believe that God is worthy of worship and should therefore be exalted in the congregation. We also believe that this time of worship begins the dialogue between the worshiper and God, thus serving as an invaluable time of preparation for what God will say to us during the teaching.
We believe that everything we need to know about God, salvation and life are fully and accurately given to us in the Bible.
We corporately study the Bible verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter.
It is not only our goal to teach from the Bible, but to actually teach the Bible itself.
Therefore, our services are structured in such a way as to give ample time for the study of the word of God, noting the application to our lives.
We recognize that topical Bible study affords a certain benefit, therefore we will occasionally study certain topics of the Bible.
However, our commitment is to study the entire Bible, trusting that God will thoroughly teach us and help us through every issue we face in life.
Fellowship is a vital part of our church. It is encouraged both in organized church functions as well as in our homes. It is our hope that every time we meet together corporately at church, or in small, intimate settings, we would place priority on intentionally investing in relationships with one another.
We have potlucks, events, and ministries that provide the setting for establishing friendships and exercising our spiritual gifts (Ephesians 4:8) to minister to each other and bring edification (Ephesians 4:12).
We believe that children are their parents’ first ministry (after the husband/wife relationship), and that the church should assist in strengthening the bond between parents and children. To this end, we have chosen to have all family members worship together during the praise and worship portion of the service. 
After announcements, children (Birth – 5th grade) are dismissed to Nursery or Children’s Church where they are taught at their age level.
During this time, parents and older children and teens (6th grade+) listen to the teaching together in the sanctuary.
We are currently using the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum to teach our children how the gospel message and Jesus’ love for us can be found in each and every Bible story. With hands-on activities, crafts, and Bible stories, kids at UBFC can have a great time discovering the word of God and learning of Christ’s desire for a personal relationship with them!
United Bible Fellowship
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